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A Day In The Life Photography



I'm not here to be average!

I'm here to be awesome!

Women laying on bed in pink lingerie



“I felt so amazing. It’s difficult to describe, but I felt fierce, soft, sexy and very much a woman.
I just received my photos, and they are more than I had hoped for. Some are fierce, some are soft, some are incredibly sexy, and every picture is so me! My expression is natural, I’m so happy with the way my body and curves look, and they are the best professional quality- perfect in every aspect.
If you have thought about doing a shoot, DO IT, Jenn is the best. I strongly encourage EVERY woman to, if you feel great in your skin, or if you don’t necessarily, but you want to. Working with Jenn will show you how beautiful and amazing you are. It’s a great feeling to fall in love with yourself.”



As a women there have been times in my life where I felt like I was “less than”. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin, wasn’t happy with where I was in life, and I wasn’t feeling as connected to a community as I wanted to be.


When I look around, I don’t see anyone who is the same shape, color, or age.  no one is living the same life.  Each is wonderfully unique, and each is beautiful, it is truth in that moment.

Witnessing other peoples stories doesn't change the way I actually look physically of course, or where I'm at in life, what it does do is allow me to recognize the beauty in being myself and being authentic.  I remind myself daily to shift my perspective from one of “less than” to one of embracing what is!

Boudoir photography is a tangible way to remind us of our own unique beauty and strength. Through photos we are able to see ourselves through someone else’s eyes, from a perspective that takes away the expectations that we put on ourselves. I want you to feel comfortable in my space to shine in whatever way is right for you.

I hope, that in some small way, the photos that we create together will remind you of everything that you have become and have so much excitement for what is yet to be.

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